Tides Select is a non-profit / non-discriminatory organization whose mission is to increase the passion for basketball in the Gig Harbor community and to broaden the pool of potential high-school basketball talent. Tides Select does this through a select youth basketball program that is aligned with Gig Harbor High School Basketball. We emphasize strong fundamentals, top-line instruction and training that are consistent with the philosophies of the high school program.

Core Values

The core values of Tides Select include:
(1) Player Development. Individual and team skill development through practices, league participation and tournaments.
(2) Competition. We believe that competition and striving to win are an important part of player development. However, player and team skill development is our first priority.
(3) Safety and Fun. Providing a safe, but hard-working environment where the player can have fun and develop a life-long love of the game.
(4) Sportsmanship. We will develop, promote and expect that all participants will conduct themselves with humility, respect, and with a positive and constructive attitude towards other players, opponents, coaches and officials.


Tides Select (formerly Harbor Hoops) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2001. Its’ primary purpose is to serve as a developmental program for the local high school basketball teams, by providing opportunities for competitive basketball for boys and girls in grades four to eight.

Tides Select is proud to provide fundamental training and field competitive basketball teams from the Greater Gig Harbor community. However, membership is not limited to the Gig Harbor High School boundaries. Try-outs for winter basketball leagues will be held in the Fall to form select club teams.

Tides Select is a select program.  We have a panel of reviewers objectively evaluate potential players in order to select the most talented and promising players.  The size of a team (between 8 and 12 players) and the league in which a team plays is decided by the head coach. The Club’s “Player Selection Committee” makes recommendations for each team based on player evaluations following try-outs. Final composition is decided with the Player Selection Committee and the coach.

Although the Club is not affiliated with the Gig Harbor Gym Rats or Peninsula Athletic Association (PAA), it does coordinate closely with both organizations so that players who are not selected for Tides Select teams can play in recreational basketball through other basketball programs.

All Tides Select teams practice at local gyms. Two to three practices are held during the week. Practices are held at Peninsula School District facilities: Primarily Gig Harbor High Schools and local middle schools.