Fall/Winter Basketball Tryouts

4th - 8th grade boys tryouts will take place in mid-October. The season will run from November through mid-March. Check the website on October 1st for date and signup information.


Tides Select is a non-profit / non-discriminatory organization whose mission is to increase the passion for basketball in the Gig Harbor community and to broaden the pool of potential high-school basketball talent. Tides Select does this through a select youth basketball program that is aligned with Gig Harbor High School Basketball. We emphasize strong fundamentals, top-line instruction and training that are consistent with the philosophies of the high school program.

Core Values

The core values of Tides Select include:
(1) Player Development. Individual and team skill development through practices, league participation and tournaments.
(2) Competition. We believe that competition and striving to win are an important part of player development. However, player and team skill development is our first priority.
(3) Safety and Fun. Providing a safe, but hard-working environment where the player can have fun and develop a life-long love of the game.
(4) Sportsmanship. We will develop, promote and expect that all participants will conduct themselves with humility, respect, and with a positive and constructive attitude towards other players, opponents, coaches and officials.


Our entire organization is run with volunteer effort. There are many tasks we need help with from participating on the Board, to organizing team events, to fundraising. If you are interested in helping out with the organization send an email to Joe Raquiza at [email protected] Subject Line: Volunteer